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Janitorial services Toronto is hiring by car dealerships, car washes and other large organizations to clean their parking lots. These companies hire people who are knowledgeable in cleaning and Janitorial Services Toronto have a detailed training program on how to properly clean parking lots and garages. If you own a car dealership in Toronto, hiring a janitorial service to keep your parking lots clean could be the best investment you make for your business.

The major service offered is Office Cleaning. Janitorial services Toronto will come in after hours and day to clean your parking lot as well as doing regular office cleaning. Some companies even offer floor and window cleaning as well. They will use only natural and safe products on wood floors and will use brooms and mops with no chemicals on hard surfaced floors. Janitorial cleaners Toronto will be sure to remove cobwebs, spider webs, dirt, coffee grounds and tar and leave your floors looking and feeling fresh.

Some janitorial services Toronto offer are exterior cleaning services as well as indoor cleaning. There are certain times when your parking lot needs a thorough cleaning such as before and after sales and before and after customers come in. Janitorial services also provide recycling services to all areas of your building. Janitors often have back up plans on how they will get to each area if there is a malfunction. For instance, they might use cranes to pick up debris or they might use trucks to move the debris to the designated recycling area.

The type of janitorial services you hire depend on the type of business you have. Many large car dealerships hire janitorial services once per week and many retail stores will hire a service once per month. Car dealerships will want their parking lots swept to ensure that everything is cleaned well. Janitors for retail stores clean the outside of the store as well as the inside and will do regular tile and vinyl cleaning in both instances.

Janitorial Services Toronto

Car Cleaning

Janitorial services for car dealerships will provide annual maintenance for the lot including sweeping, mopping and pickup of debris. The service provider will remove the snow from the parking lots on the days that there are snow and ice and bring it back the following day. They can clean all the interiors of the buildings and any exterior facades. All the cars that are in the parking lots will be washed and waxed. The floors are vacuumed as well.

Most janitorial services offer 24 hour emergency service as well. Many of the janitorial services are licensed, so they will have the proper permits to perform the services on your property. If there is an emergency such as a break in or a gas leak they will come and clean the area first. Then they will notify you can tell them what has been damaged and what you want done. The price varies depending on the severity of the problem as well as the length of time it takes to get the job done.

Janitorial Services – Great for Car Dealerships and Office Cleaning

Janitorial services in Toronto is a new concept that has been introduced in the last few years by cleaning companies and car dealerships that are aiming to earn huge profits from providing a cleaning service for their customers. Janitorial services in Toronto can be best defined as a service provided to companies or individuals by cleaning companies whereby they hire experienced janitorial professionals who would clean the offices, shops and dealerships, thereby ensuring that the car dealerships do not experience a loss. Janitorial services also include cleaning floors, cleaning restrooms, cleaning carpets, and many more of a similar nature. These services are most ideal for car dealerships as it ensures that all aspects of the car showroom remain clean and hygienic. The Janitorial services Toronto companies offer are quite cheap and are usually made of a contract basis whereby the janitorial services would only be rendered during a particular time frame and with a specific budget that is agreed upon beforehand.

There are several advantages of hiring janitorial services. Apart, from saving costs on office cleaning, a janitorial company would be able to provide its customers with an environment that is free from germs and hence a conducive working atmosphere. Also since all aspects of the car dealerships and office cleaning are done away with, the employees of the cleaning company can focus on other important areas such as sales, brand positioning and marketing etc. The Janitorial services Toronto companies render would ensure that all the hard surfaced areas such as the floors, seats and carpets are thoroughly cleaned. Carpets would be vacuumed properly and floor mats would be removed to ensure that there are no dust and dirt anywhere near the entrance. This way the dealerships do not feel the need to constantly dust and vacuum the car showroom floor which would in turn result in an increase in foot traffic and thereby an increase in sales.

Dry Cleaning

All companies providing janitorial services in Toronto also offer professional cleaning products and accessories such as floor buffers, polishes, mops, vacuum cleaners etc which are used in spas and beauty salons. janitorial cleaning services include carpet shampooing and dry cleaning of carpets, furniture, countertops, drapes and glass. The janitorial services also include cleaning of sinks, bathrooms and shower rooms where the human body comes into contact with the ground. They also clean air conditioners, refrigerators and TV dinners.

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